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Dhulipala Sairam (AIR 4 CLAT & AIR 3 AILET NLSIU Bangalore)

‘I had a dream of making it into one of the top NLUs- NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR and Manu Law Classes helped me achieve it. I was able to attempt a mock from their websites and the questions in the GK section really impressed me and made me curious and they could help me and it obviously has. Mr Gupta extensive mentoring and support throughout the two years of preparation and the perfection in the preparation material helped me immensely and I was able to get AIR 4 in CLAT and AIR 3 in AILET. Till today Mr Gupta supports me and in the future also I believe he will support me. I’m thankful to Manu Law Classes for supporting me in my journey and help me achieve my dream’

Samradhi Shukla (AIR 14 CLAT & AIR 7 AILET NLSIU Bangalore)

‘I joined Manu Law Classes in February and it was a great help to me. I always aspired to be in one of the top NLUs and here I am with AIR 14 in CLAT and AIR 7 in AILET. I went through the study material as well as the books that were an icing on the cake. All the mocks were as per the syllabus and the books that were provided to me specially the legal aptitude and GK textbooks were spot on and so were the answers given in them. My father and I were unsure about law as a career but then we discussed it with the counseling team at Manu Law Classes and most of my concerns were allayed and they made us believe that we made the right choice. The team was always there to counsel us, my father was unsure about me with boards in the same year but the faculty and the mentors were highly accessible and helpful providing me with every possible resource to aid my preparation. I would like to give a special mention to the Legal Aptitude Book that was authored by our in-house mentors and faculty was of great help as well and is also a popular choice amongst the students currently’

Yashwant Kumar, NLSIU, Bangalore

“I am very thankful to the whole team of Manu Law classes for consistently supporting, helping and guiding me for CLAT when I had no resources to study. Their classes continued even when clat was postponed so my very special thanks to them. Thanks to the MLC team because without their help I might not have reached my dream college.”

Naveen Prince, NUALS, Kochi

“My name is Naveen Prince. I am one of the IDIA trainee who was attending Manu Law Classes during the lockdown. I got into National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) one of the prestigious National Law University. I got into mainly only because of the intensive training provided by the Manu Law Classes. Once again thanking Manu Law Classes.“

Anand Shankar, NLU, Delhi

“I would like to thank Manu law classes for their extraordinary hard work to teach underprivileged students during this time of pandemic. I am Anand Shankar a current first year law student in NLUD and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help provided by Manu law classes. I am eternally grateful for their support during my preparations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Shani A. R., NUALS, Kochi

“Manu class was a blessing for me.They spent their valuable time to train us. I couldn't have achieved this success without their guidance. They were ever ready to clarify our doubts. Yes, that effort paid off. I am thankful for all their efforts and support.”

Rachna Kumari, NUSRL, Ranchi

“MLC has helped me to boost my preparation in the best way for the last few days.The crash course was very helpful and equipped me to brush up my skills.The faculty is so accommodative and knowledgeable. Their telegram channel was very good. The mocks, sectional tests, E-books were of very good quality.”

Ishika Takur, NIRMA University, Gujarat

“Manu law classes has really helped me in my clat preparations. Their materials/tests were too good and it has been a great journey for me too learn from the teachers at manu law classes.”

Trisha Bansal(NLU Delhi)

‘What really helped me was 24/7 availability of highly qualified teachers from various NLUs and constant monitoring by them. The continuous mock tests were of great help showing us our strengths and weaknesses allowing us to work on both’

Divij Singh Kadan(AIR 744 CLAT & 100% Scholarship OP Jindal Global University)

Outside of major examinations such as CLAT & AILET, Manu Law Classes also specialises in other law exams such as the LSAT, CET and SET among many others. Apart from easy availability of the great faculty another aspect I found really helpful is the availability of the classrooms and the resources itself for the majority of the day. I personally used to stay at the complex till 7pm everyday and use the library for complimenting my preparation. Having no knowledge of law and with one month of preparation here at Manu Law Classes I was able to score a rank of 744 in CLAT and full scholarship at Jindal Global which I personally I feel I wouldn’t be able to find at any other law preparation institute’